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Paper is a thing of the past...

​Gone are the days of massive queues outside the production office, hundreds of paper chits to manually fill and having to bust out the calculator to do artists totals for the day.
Our chitless system is designed to save you valuable time, streamline your SA work flow and to increase the speed at which artists get paid.

On sign in_edited_edited.png

The platform calculates the minimum payment due to the artists based on the rates entered in the project settings & the Artists have full visibility

On wrap out_edited.jpg

Chitless technology automatically calculates the artist payment based on wrap time and hours worked


Travel, broken meals and supplementary fees can be added to individuals or batch applied to all artists to calculate the total cost

Office Use_edited.jpg

Chitless technology can be used offline when using remotely on location & data can be synced and submitted once internet connection is re-established

Cost Review_edited.jpg

ADs can review hot costs, cost reports, download CSVs for their records and submit the figures for approval to begin the client review and the invoicing process

You will have a login to our chitless system which works online and offline. You will see all the bookings you have made with us, the rates will be pre-programmed and you will be able to sign in and wrap artists at the click of a button.
The system will then calculate the total automatically and send an email with a digital chit to the artist who will then have 24 hours to approve or dispute the amount.
Our system will produce daily reports for budget tracking and your accounts team can also have access to help with faster payments and managing running totals.
Artists will have been sent a release to sign prior to arriving on set. We can also make these bespoke to your production if necessary.
On top of the obvious environmental benefits of reducing the amounts of paper involved in the booking process, our system will save you time and give you back those precious hours spent dealing with bundles of chits, queues of people, month old payment queries and misplaced chits.
Our system is powered by POP so if your production is also using the POP production software then booking with us will tie in seamlessly.

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