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Washing Hands


What we are doing about


We all know that during these times more people on set means higher risk. We have made changes to help mitigate this risk and to give you the assurances needed when booking supporting artists.
Firstly, our focus is on supplying the best, most professional and reliable people to you who understand the risks involved, follow the guidelines to the letter and stay pro-active in keeping others safe on set.
Our system now has some built in tools to help you stay compliant and keep others safe whilst having supporting artists on set.


We can offer free access to our innovative paperless fit to work system. Each SA is sent a covid fit to work form to complete on the day of filming. Depending on their answers they are given a Green or a Red pass. Most productions require them to show their green pass to enter base and red passes are immediately reported to production thus ensuring no SA with covid symptoms enters the base. 

Temperature Logging:

ADs can record and track temperatures with specific project record columns configured for chitless.

Same household bookings:

Our system identifies people from the same household through a tagging process. Making it easier to reduce the amount of new bubbles coming onto set.

Remote Access:

ADs and costume can have permissions based access to interact with lists and make creative selects remotely. Reducing the amount of paper and pens switching hands during the booking process.

Project Wide Reporting:

We can easily contact all artists who worked on a project to inform them of any emergencies relating to COVID-19.

You will have access to our chitless system which reduces the need for queues during sign in and wrap and gets rid of the need for paper chits completely.
On top of all this, our system is built top to bottom with tools that fit perfectly into a COVID-19 safe production environment. With things like the ability to easily gather fit to work checks and symptom free declarations. We can quickly message all artists that have worked on a project with key infomation and see who has read those messages and at what time.
We can also send safety protocol videos and documents to all artists working on a production with ease.
To setup a training session on chitless and see how the on set tools like temperature logging work then please get int touch:

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