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Which areas do we cover?

We cover the whole of the UK but we have offices in London and Wales.

Why Crowd Casting?


We started out as runners in the television and film production industry and worked our way up to 2nd and 3rd ADs, both roles that heavily involved working with the supporting artistes.


We understand what is needed from a good group of supporting artist or that walkon that you can rely on to deliver. We understand that having good people makes your job easier, which is why we pride ourselves on supplying the best people possible.


We will only ever send diverse, availability checked checked artists through as suggestions. We can wok from breakdowns easily and track continuity due to our experience in the industry. We regularly supply suggestions with recent selfies so you can show makeup, on the day, what the artist current hair style is like.


We also keep our lines open 24 hours a day for our clients. We know that things can change at the drop of a hat in this industry and emergencies rear their heads at all hours so if you need something, no matter the hour, no hesitations, just call.

If your brief is urgent then don't hesitate, get in touch!




We also operate a chitless service which save you lots of time otherwise spent on budgeting and chit admin. To learn more please click here.

Need us on set?


We offer an on set service for all of our ADs. Whether its just to have us around to help book up the block or to have us there to help look after our SAs then we can be there.  Our office can come with us on a laptop. We are experienced ADs so these types of days are like riding a bike for us.

The best people


We only ever want to hear good things from you at the end of a hard days shoot. This is why we spend so much time vetting our artists. We make sure to focus on recruiting members that have a genuine interest and experience in acting so that if they are ever called upon to interact with main artists, they are ready to go.



 London - Wales - Bristol

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